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About Us

About Us

We created Secret Foods with the aim of bringing to life a clean, all-natural, plant-based alternative to traditional condiments. From this idea, our mouth-watering tahini sauce was born! 

We believe in keeping our recipes true to their traditional roots while adding a modern twist. This makes our finishing sauces the perfect addition to all of your favorite dishes. You can dip, drizzle and dress up your meals knowing that we use only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. That’s why our Tahini sauces, and company, are defined as premium, pure, plant-based - consciously made with non-GMO high-quality and clean-label sourced ingredients

From our lifestyle to yours!

My name is Anna Jane and I’m the founder of Secret Foods’ tahini sauce.  The story of how Secret Foods came to be comes directly from my heritage & my passion for clean, quality, natural foods.

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty in which where our food comes from. I grew up around food makers/entrepreneurs. My dad, Sal Daklala, had a bakery and my mom, May Daklala, before she passed away had her own restaurant and cookbook. Growing up, I never wanted to be involved with my family’s food businesses, or anything with the food industry, and I distanced myself from my Lebanese culture.

But a trip abroad to the motherlands in 2019-2020 and lightbulb idea changed it all. 

Secret Foods started with a vision to fill a need in the market and soon became a purposeful and deep passion of mine to pursue. Secret Foods is an homage to my Lebanese heritage and to both my parents. The secret is in the recipe and the beauty behind the natural ingredients we use, and specifically to the beautiful flower that grows on the sesame plant where the tahini was born from.

My dream is to successfully bring our tahini sauce recipes and my other future recipes in grocery stores across all of North America to share with you!